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#EndSARS - This Is What NPF Should Do If They Really Want To Curtail The Excesses Of SARS

To the Nigerian citizens, at the mention of the word “SARS” the only thing that screams in their hearts is injustice and intimidation. It is not surprising though how the most loved branch of Nigeria Police Force, SARS is now the most threaded supposedly “criminals and tyrants” in the country. No doubt, we often screw things up.

Though the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) made Nigeria a bit safe by fighting crime to the minimal, but they are now a nightmare to the citizens which they were set up to protect in the first place. Every young enterprising man is now a criminal as long as SARS is concerned. Whatever happened to that part of Nigeria constitution that says “any person is presumed innocent until proving guilty by a competent court of law”, I can’t tell.

SARS can now stop somebody on the road, beat him up, humiliate him/her, threaten to shoot him/her and bragging that nothing will happen to them if they kill any citizen. Hell, they have even killed many innocent citizens and nothing happened. The worst part of it is; they will demand for your phone and ransack it, God forbid you have a foreign number in your phone; you will automatically be termed a Yahoo boy. My God, how can a black man become a racist to a follow black man? This is pathetic.

I read an article on Nairaland.com 2 days ago stating the 5 reasons why Nigeria must not abolish SARS - By Nwachibuzor and I laughed out loud. I wasn’t laughing because it is funny but I was laughing because I couldn’t fathom the naivety and the ignorance of the writer. I will also like to point out that the person that wrote that article just registered on Nairaland Forum the same day and miraculously, his first post just made front page. Talk about bias.

Anyway, if the Federal Government is really serious about curtailing the excesses of SARS, I think they can do it and it’s as easy as ABC. But they won’t do it. Nigeria is always about propaganda and since #ENDSARS started trending on Twitter, the initiator has already complained of threats issued to him by these same SARS operatives. Why can’t Africa grow up for once in their lives?

Even though the Police Complaint Rapid Response Unit (PCRRU) has given out numbers they can be reached on in case anybody encounters SARS brutality but they should know that that measure can never ever solve the problem. Let’s not kid ourselves Mr. Inspector General, we are Nigerians and we can smell “smoke screen” a mile away.

Assuming the Federal Government is remotely interested in solving this matter and have an iota of sympathy to her citizens, I propose they hire individuals outside police force “because if you hire police to fish out the bad eggs in police, they will always protect themselves”, to visit all these strategic SARS checkpoints, strap themselves with hidden cameras or even microphones so as to unravel the activities of these miscreants since they claim the evidences, videos and testimonies on social media are fakes and that people are just dragging the name of the police force to the mud.

Don’t make the spying a secret, no no no, make it obvious so that SARS operatives and even all the police officers will know that some people whom they come across on daily bases may as well be a spy for the government working against them. Just knowing that alone and having that at the back of their minds will make them behave properly and do their job selflessly.

I think this is the best bet for NPF since they are claiming that those clamoring for the scrapping of SARS are robbers and criminals. Mr. Inspector General, I urge you to get to work and don’t just come out and say the clamors of 90% of Nigerians are baseless and illegitimate. That will never fly.

Although I personally wonder why someone like Simi, Adekunle Gold, Reekado Banks and host of other celebrities who has narratedtheir bad encounter with SARS will gain by lying against SARS or as IG said, dragging the name of the police to the mud.

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