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#EndSARS: SARS Stopped Me, Pulled Out My Bra & Pants, Asked Why I Had G-String .. Lady

Armed robbery fighting branch of the Nigeria Police, Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS, atrocities is too much to say but the least but listening and reading this lady's revelation, I just need to say "SARS - has it gotten to this?"

Following the trending #EndSARS campaign, a Twitter user has taken to the platform to share her own ordeal with the anti-robbery operatives. According to her, username @olaeloquence, while she and her friend were travelling to Ilorin from Ife on a fateful day, she was stopped by the operatives, who literally showed her and her friend hell that day.

She shared her story as thus:

Sars stopped us on our way to ilorin. Pulled out my bras and pants and asked why I had g-string if I wasn't an ashewo. Hit my friend in the head 6 times with their guns. They took us to the ATM with my friend's bloody head to collect 40k and never returned our phones.

And Inpector General is saying that Nigerians has no bases and their complaints are illegitimate. God bless Nigeria in fact. 

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