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#EndSARS Killings: Protest In Gakem, Cross River. Roads Blocked, Travelers Stranded

SARS again? This people are becoming the disease Sars that kills faster than any disease that has graced this earth before. Angry youths of Gakem, in Cross River State stopped thousands of travelers from passing through, as they've been protesting the unlawful killing of their fellow youth by SARS Officials. 

As I'm talking to u travelers from the north east to the east are currently being held hostage. With instructions not to leave the town and to stay outside their cars. Various road users are currently with hearts at hand as non of the various securities have been seen since 8pm. 

Pls we are calling on various agencies to look into this matter as soon as possible to save the lives of many Nigerians here with me. reporting live from Gakem, there are no pictures as to it being a big risk to snap right now..

More photos.........

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