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Billionaire Majid Maddest Supports Daddy Freeze's #TitheAgainstPoverty Challenge With N900k

Now we are talking. Another Nigeria Billionaire, Majid Maddest supports Daddy Freeze #TitheAgainstPoverty with  a whooping to gift of N900,000 (Nine Hundred Thousand Naira) gifting 3 People with 300k Each.

According to him'

" titheagainstpovertychallenge #TAPCHALLENGE. I ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE. 300K FOR #3 .HAPPY CHRISTMAS FOR THE HOOD. MUCH LOVE FOR THE PEOPLE . #Istandwithfreeze". 

Needless to say that this is a call to all able individuals around the world, especially Nigeria people. Let's all come together and help the less privileged. So much attention on tithes and offerings, its time to do it for the culture, let's do this for the world, not for one private jet flying pastor.

See what he shared on Instagram;

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