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Zimbabwe Crisis: Robert Mugabe Poised To Be Replaced With Sacked Vice President, Emmerson Mnagngawa

Following the interim take over of Zimbabwe government by military arm, the country’s ruling party Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU -PF) on Wednesday, November 15, 2017 has announced that there was no coup in the country, only that President Robert Mugabe and his wife, have been detained and that the president has will be replaced with Emmerson Mnagngawa, the vice president who was sacked a week ago and exiled by Mugabe.

They wrote on Twitter an hour ago, “Zimbabwe has not had a coup. There has been a decision to intervene because our constitution had been undermined, in the interim Comrade E Mnagngawa will be president of ZANU PF as per the constitution of our revolutionary organisation.

In a series of tweets, the ruling party went on to indicate that the action of the military has the backing of politicians in the country.

Recall in a 1980 interview that Mugabe granted to BBC shortly after he took power, he boosted that no military can remove him as he intends to rule the country with firmness.

See tweets below...

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