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Unusual - Lady Celebrates Housemaid’s Birthday In Style - Checkout Photos

This is indeed unusual and have not heard of it before, especially in Nigeria. Normally, maids are been treated with disdain and sometimes taken as slaves or an outcast and thus not being treated like a human being at all. 

But this is awesome. This Nigeria lady has indeed changed the tune and perception people have about maids and she celebrated her maid so wonderfully well on her birthday. The lady took to social media to share photos off their photo session as she celebrated her maid’s birthday.

I sincerely hope every oga and madam in Nigeria will celebrate their maids more often and stop treating them with disdain because they are humans and just that they didn't get the opportunity to become what they wanted in life doesn't make them lesser people. 

Moreover, when you treat people fine, they will defend you with their last blood and will not even conceive stealing from you. 

Checkout more photos and peoples reactions as she shared this on socials:

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