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Unusual Accident Claim Lives Along Asaba-Benin Road As Bus Climbs Untop Of Another

I have not seen this kind of accident before o. Someone shared this information few minutes ago and the accident is indeed unusual. According to reports, the accident occurred as a result of the buses trying to overtake each other but unfortunately one of the drivers lost control.

According to the person who shared the info..

Accident along Asaba-Benin expressway. Front vehicle's Tyre (the one under) burst just as the vehicle behind approached bumper to bumper to overtake. Many injured. One passenger died. 


Isioma said...

Sir/Madam. A statement in your first paragraph is very unprofessional. ‘This type of accident don’t happen unless the stupid drivers are on hell and speed’. I was in the bus. I came out of that bus unscathed.Nobody was on speed. The bus under was only trying to overtake and his tyre got burst, it lost control and took our bus with it as it tumbled. It is very wrong to call people stupid(or names) especially if they have Never exhibited their ‘stupidness’ to you(even if they do).

Exlink Lodge said...

Thank you for your information Isioma and in light of this new info, I have edited the post.

Yes I shouldn't have called them "stupid" but sometimes, when you are writing, your experiences comes into play. Believe me when I say, these bus drivers are very stupid sometimes. Though not all of them.

Hope you didn't sustain any injury. Have a wonderful day..

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