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There Is No Yahoo Yahoo Anymore - People Are Doing Money Rituals Now - True Confession

This is the truth and nobody wants to hear it. I red online the other that a 17 years old boy bought Lexus jeep for his mother in Lagos State and I asked myself, what does the 17 years old boy do for a living? Guess what, nobody could determine that.
Well today, I'm going to open your eyes to the realities of life and to the underground things that goes on and on even though you may not believe it. The love of money and desperation to become rich anyhow and anyway has eaten deep into the heart of Nigerian youth nowadays.

Every youth wants to drive Benz , Porshe, Rolls Royce, Range Rover and to also live in mansions and the length they can go to achieve this feat will marvel you. They can involve themselves in unbelievable act without a second thought.
The new trend in Lagos is Shit eating just to make money and also to join the Lagos big boys squad. Well, according to someone's confession, Yahoo Yahoo, aka Advanced Fee Fraud, aka G-Boy is no longer in existence as 90% of those boys claiming to be a Yahoo guys are nothing but a Ritualist all hiding under the Yahoo umbrella.

You need to read this article and may God help us all.

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