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Revealed: Real Madrid Star, Ronaldo Charges A Staggering N149.4m (£308,000) Per Instagram Post

Now I know why billionaires of this world are no longer Oil magnets or Drug barons rather they are Internet and Computer Systems. If someone can charge up to £308,000 per post on Instagram, then tell me how much the owner the platform is bagging.

Real Madrid play maker Cristiano Ronaldo charges a staggering £308,000 (N149.4m) per sponsored post on Instagram. He has over 116 million followers on the social media platform
The only two celebrities ahead of Ronaldo are pop star and actress Selena Gomez on £424,000 (N205.6m) per post and reality queen Kim Kardashian on £385,000 (N186.7m) per post. While Instagram may be a popular social media platform owned by Facebook for photos and video sharing among friends and followers; it is also a goldmine tool used by a few.

The photo-sharing app is big business, especially when it comes to promoting products of brands by individuals with a huge number of followers. All of which brings us to Cristiano Ronaldo of course.

So if you were wondering why the Real Madrid starman Instagram profile so often looks the way it does then it is usually for commercial reasons. And I always tell people, never, ever underestimate the power of adverts. That is why even till today, Facebook, Google, Microsoft keep on advertising their products regardless on how big they are.

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