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Romance: Man Goes Completely Nude For His Pre-wedding Photoshoot - Outrageous

The art of pre-wedding photo-shot is getting out of hand, especially now that Nigerians has followed suit. We tend to add spice to whatever we get out hands on, either negative or positive though but I think this pre-wedding things has been taken too far in this photos.

This man went completely nude for his pre-wedding photoshoot. According to him, he is keeping it real. This photos was shared with the write up below....

#stephenmidgett man i don’t know how she deals with him” .... easy because I’ve always been myself I’ve never changed up . She seen who i was , embraced and accepted me in all my craziness . Many people miss out on blessing looking for perfection in someone or trying to change someone . Be who you are and allow someone to see u for u and make the choice to deal with it or not . CHOICE being keyword . A lot of wasted time faking out here. 

Photos by me #burger #burgerking #timberland #snacks #love #marriage #clinicallyunstable #king #queen #royalty #blacklove #imperfect #perfect #mykidsnudisttoo #yinyang ( edited since most people don’t catch the subliminal so I’ll explain “aw he got on a bk crown “... yes because my queen can have it her way . Everything has a symbolic meaning even the Tim’s . Those are because I’ll stump a mud hole out of anyone for mine 2-100. I’m naked to Show I’m stripped down for her . Also to show my strength . I’m strong enough to fight for this . Explanation not necessary but now u know )

More photos below...

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