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"Real Men Wet The Pants Of A Woman Not Her Eyes" - Says Ghana Actress, Afia Schwarzenegger

Waaaaait a minute, her name rings a bell. Is she not the olosho who was caught on camera fvcking someone else while still married? Fvcking infidel!..lol, you are lucky you are not a Nigerian, you for don disable comments for your Instagram page by now. 

I definitely love to hear what REAL woman like Afia Schwarzenegger wants to say about real man. I mean after she was caught red handed sleeping with another guy while married. Women no get shame at all and if she no dey shame, I dey shame for her.

Well the Ghanaian OAP and comedian, Afia Schwarzenegger who lost her marriage last few months  because she was caught cheating, has now made a u-turn to be a relationship expert and she is now advising ladies on marital relationships over the weeks.

She took to her Instagram page yesterday to share another advise to ladies and said: 

"Real men wet the pants of a woman not her eyes Stop wasting your tears on a clown who doesn't know your worth. Leave to live"

Shame no dey person eye at all. Abeg tell me the qualifications of Oprah Winfrey to advice women on marital bliss? Or I guess Real women puts wets their husbands eyes abi? Ndi ara

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