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Radical Born Again Lady Uses Knife To Scrap Her Tattooed Hand After Hot Iron Didn't Work

I need to be sure cuz am not. Does tattoos make one not to go to heaven? I think what constitutes serving God this days is overrated. Well the reason why we have different type of churches today is the interpretation of bible which is never clear.

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I don't know if I should say kudos to this girl or she was brainwashed but it seems Ifeoma Vivian Emekay loves Jesus the Most! lol.. Early last week she announced that she used hot iron to burn her hand in other to remove tattoo she had before surrendering her life to Christ.

Now this morning the Facebook user shared on her page that the hot iron didn't work so she scrapped the hand with Knife. Its not even up to a month she became born again and she has started calling herself Pastor.

See her post below!

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