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Photos Of Grandma Fortifying Her Grandson Ahead Of His Trip To Kano State Goes Viral

Yea yea I know, I know, I know, I too thought he was going to travel abroad. I no know say na Kano State wey dey for here. This photos of a grandma fortifying her grandson as he embarks on a long trip from Rivers State to Kano as gone viral online.

A Facebook user identified as Kue Barinor Paul, has taken to the social networking platform to share some pictures showing the moment his grand mother was praying for him before he embarked on a trip to Kano state.

In the photos which emerged online and is going viral on social media, the young man was seen being laid hands on and his head washed. The young man who said his grandma wants him to go to Kano and return with a title, and to achieve great things, shared the pictures on Facebook and wrote;

"Granny preparing me for Kano. She gave me the first ablution. "Go to Kano and return with a title." #Abokihood in a jiffy" #AlhajiHood in the offing."

It was more like an 'ablution' abi watin una thing?

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