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Outrageous: General Hospital Ambulance Drops Off Sick Man "On Drip" Along The Road - Photo

What is wrong with this country and its citizens, especially those in the health care sector? Is it that if you don't have money, you are automatically a lesser human or what? How can people be treated this way? Isn't it enough that if you even have your money, these so called health workers will as well treat you like a poo. 

Those that has been to general hospital for critical or minor treatment will attest to this. A Twitter user @iamfatdon shared this post just few minutes about about how a hospital ambulance dropped off the a very sick man on the road with drips and medication, citing that their was no bed in the hospital. 

In his tweets;

Unconscious man dropped off on the road by an ambulance after a General Hospital refused to admi him allegedly due to lack of bed space at Fagbola Street, Cele Bus Stop.. 

Could this be remotely possible? Has it gotten to this? See his post below....

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