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OAP Freeze Slams Adeboye Again For Claiming He Collects Offering To Free People From Poverty

The tide has shifted from tithe to offering. The self-acclaimed leader of the ‘Freethesheeple’, Daddy Freeze, has just slammed Pastor Enoch Adeboye for false preaching.

In his latest assault on the man of God, he called out pastor Adeboye as being responsible for the false preaching that plunged us (Nigerians) into poverty.

Thursday evening, he shared a video of one of Pastor Adeboye’s sermon where he said, ‘the only reason we take offering at all is because, that’s the only way to get you out of poverty’.

Freeze describes it as falshood saying, ‘this is the kind of false preaching that probably plunged us into poverty in the first place!’.

See the video below...


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