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NTA Trends On Twitter After Using A Sellotaped Microphone To Interview A Whiteman (Oyinbo)

Why is it that anything Nigeria government is handling automatically tuns to poo? This is outrageous and disheartening. I used to think that this is the same all part of the world until I learnt that Emirate Airline is owned by U.A.E government. 

NTA - Nigeria Television Authority has remained perpetually akaic and for years, instead of them to improve, they keep going back and back and back. This is not as a result of underfunding because they are being funded adequately, but because of corruption, they cannot improve.

Imagine a whole NTA trending on Twitter this morning for using a sallotaped microphone to interview a whiteman (oyibo). They can't even buy a microphone for God sake.

Nna e, emere ya unu eme

More photos and tweets....

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