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Nigerians Come After A Lady Who Wore Cleavage-Baring Outfit To A Wedding Ceremony

Obviously we all know many ladies this days go to wedding ceremonies (both the ones they were invited and the ones they were not invited) just to fish for men. I think ladies are the original fishers of men this days, but must you make it overt?

Nigerians have slammed a wedding guest who was present at the glamorous wedding of Lagos-based Interior designer, Ehi Ogbebor, in Edo State. She has got herself trending online due to obvious reason. 

She attended the wedding ceremony wearing a cleavage revealing outfit which revealed too much of her b@@bs and menhhh, this is outrageous.

Tell me ladies, which man will see this kind of lady and not think "lust"? Will she ever get a good man thinking of marriage by dressing like this? This really bits my imagination. 

See people's reactions below...

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