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Nigerian Soldier Shoots & Kills Army Captain, 4 Others Before Killing Himself - Graphic Pics

A fine Nigerian soldier, Silas Ninyo (93NA / 36/2608), allegedly shot dead by the captain, T. Mani, who had attempted to stop him from beating innocent civilians in Chibok, Borno State.

It was gathered that the shocking incident occurred on Sunday afternoon after a team of soldiers, led by one Captain T. Mani (N/14430), was providing security for worshipers during Sunday service in Chibok and received a distress call that Staff Sergeant Ninyo was beating civilians for unknown reasons.

Captain Mani, accompanied by soldiers, moved to the scene and freed the civilians. But while trying to disarm the errant soldier, Captain Mani was shot dead by Sergeant Ninyo, who later killed himself after killing four others.

The corpses now remain in Yola.

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