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Man Lays Curse On Girlfriend Who Dumped Him to Marry Another Man - I Trained Her In University For 5yrs

It is very sad to hear this kind of stories that touches the heart. Quiet frankly, I don't know why a man will opt to train a girl in University without marrying her first. Even in marriage, women still tend to leave their husband after graduating.

I'm not in anyway saying or insinuating that all ladies are the same but more than 90% of them will sure break the living hell out of your heart, and in the words of American Art, Chris Brown, "this girls aint loyal" period.

Some will say training a girl in High Institution doesn’t mean you guys will end up together; No oo his training her to marry another man and give him the pride prize because the guy na him father.. ndi ara. 

Well, a Facebook user Tea Gomos has cursed and lashed out to his girlfriend who just dumped him and is set to marry another man, after they dated for 5years and he bragged that he trained her from first year to her finals.

People always forgets that KARMA is as real as daylight saving. It will caught-up with the person no matter what

See his post below...

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