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Lesbian Blast Nigerian Men - "I Was Once Married, Your Nudes Mean Nothing To Me" - Reactions

Pamela Adie

Apparently frustrated from receiving too much 6-park and joystick pictures in her mail, Cross River state-born lesbian and gay rights activist, Pamela Adie, this morning issued out a warning to promiscuous Nigerian men who send her private messages of their joysticks and professing love to her. 

According to her, she was once married and that the ship of marriage has sailed. She says all their joystick means nothing to her. She wrote;

'To all the men in my inbox, or those intending to come to my inbox, listen up:

I won’t accept your friend request unless I’ve met you in person...and I think you’re intelligent. I will never date you no matter how much you say you love me. Use your marriage promises to entice other women.

Have you forgotten I was once married? That ship has sailed. Your joystick means nothing to me. Stop sending me your nasty pictures. Most of you are married. You look so happy on your profile pictures with your families.

Go focus on your wives. I am not interested in any of you, nor the idea of you, and I will never be.

Thank you.

Thank you so much.

Peeez Out! 

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