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Lagos Residents State Massive Protest Against Governor Ambode's Anti-People Policies - Photos

Lagos residents yesterday staged a massive protest against the anti-peoples policies of the Lagos State government Dr. Akinwunmi Ambode.

Traders in the streets who are been hunted daily by the environmental taskforce and others who have been displaced and evicted from their homes marched on the streets of Lagos on Tuesday to express their dissatisfaction with the governor's policies.

They alleged that the Lagos State government has been engaged in landgrabbing and the demolition of waterfront communities. Land seized from the poor in Lagos State is then sold to real estate developers and other businesses with connections to the state government. 

They called on Governor Ambode to invest in social housing and stop demolishing existing buildings, provide for the poor, create affordable housing and security and put an end to indiscriminate arrest of Lagosians, especially petty traders.

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