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"I Caught My Friend Sleeping With His 13-Year-Old Daughter" - What Should I Do?

This touching and disheartening story was shared by a Nairalander and he really needs help from people as to what should be his next line of action. Even though you can imagine that he may have gotten a lot of answers and replies on Nairaland, but you "my readers" can also contribute.

Below is what he shared on Nairaland;

Long story short.....I have a friend who lives with his 13 yrs old daughter...... Recently a female friend who is a neighbor called me and told me the little girl confided in her that the father is harassing her sexually.

I was shocked but sometimes I stay in there home I used to notice some funny moves but I couldn't place my finger on it cos it all seems to me like Father and daughter love. I couldn't ask the little girl cos I wanted to have a proof. 

Recently I came visiting and he started that rough play as usual but because I was already tipped as a result I was at Alert. I quickly told him I was going to the shop.....But I didn't go anywhere I came back immediately and went straight to the window. I saw him bouncing untop of her. 

The expression on her face broke my heart she is not happy. I called that female neighbor and told her what I saw.....we told a friend we all questioned the little girl she confirmed it to be true.

Now what do we do? We planned to confront the father, is this the best step to take?

I just want him to stop.

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