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Daddy Freeze Cries Out After Popular Pastor Cursed Him & Said He Will Die

Controversial OAP Daddyfreeze has cried out after popular pastor whom he claimed that he attended his church for over 11years and contributed to the building of his church cursed him over tithe issues. 

According to Daddyfreeze who shared the short video on his Instagram account, the pastor who cursed him said he will die within 24 months unless he stops telling people not to pay tithe. 

See what he shared below ...

Its heartbreaking to see that the very people entrusted with our salvation, curse us with damnation!
It clearly shows us that the Christianity he teaches is rooted firmly in his monetary gain.
I hereby REJECT any curse put upon me by this man! That curse will not come upon my children or anyone who is dear to me neither will it be the portion of any of the members of the #FreeTheSheeple movement or their loved ones.
I hand him over to the almighty God, creator of heaven and earth!~FRZ -

Editor's Note:

Daddy Freeze, let me tell you something, don't fucking listen to any man purporting himself to be a man of God and cursing people because according to the bible, "his tongue is cursed already". Continue to inform Nigerians on what they should do and what they shouldn't do. 

Needless to say sir, if its not yet time for you to die, no man can kill you. This so called Nigerians pastors are bastards and criminals.

See footage and people's reactions below...

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