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Checkout This Monster & Luxurious SUV "Karlmann King" Worth $3.2 Million

This is ruggedity at its peak. I have not seen this design or any of its kind before. Have you? You know about the Lamborghini, Range Rover, Bentley, Jaguar but do you know the Karlmann King? From afar, it looks like an armored vehicle but it’s actually a luxurious SUV.

It’s an amazing Italian made SUV with awesome features that’ll make you scream in awe. And it’s body, one of a kind and just outrageous in nature. It’s a fully bespoke car, meaning no two designs are the same.

This car was debuted at the Dubai Auto Show in 2017 And its price? $3.2 million.

See more photos and footage below...

Footage ...................

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