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Ashawo Stripped Unclad In Onitsha For Stealing From Her Customer - Photos

A prostitute (sex worker) who broke into the home of one of her regular customers to steal some foreign currencies and imported wines got more than she bargained after she was caught red-handed and dealt with mercilessly.

According to reports, the suspect who gave her name as Ifeoma Obi, an indigene of Abia State but plying her trade in Onitsha, the commercial city  of Anambra State, was caught in the act by some vigilante members and they striped her Unclad.

Ifeoma who was interviewed in her native Igbo language during her ordeal, narrated how she broke into the man's home to steal some Dollars and the expensive wines a few days after the victim had taken her to his house for sex.

In the video posted by Igbo TV, the prostitute said she knew where the owner of the house kept the Dollars and after keeping watch for him to go out, she sneaked into the house to steal. The men who caught her made sure she was stripped Unclad, beaten and seriously disgraced before she was handed over to the police.

More pics below...

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