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Angry & Jilted Lady Sets Her Boyfriend's Car on Fire For Dumping Her - Photos

Yes yes yes yes .... I know this is what is going through many ladies mind as they saw the headline. Hahah, guys self, una no dey tire? In fact, there is need for us to redefine this thing we call relationship  these days.

Though that dating is not a do or die affair and the fact that he or she is dating you is not a guarantee that you will likely end as a couple. I don't know what is wrong with this part of the world called Africa.

This angry girlfriend decided to set her guys car on fire simply because he dumped her. Although we can't really justify her actions at the moment but I will suggest we all tread carefully when making promises to each other during relationships. who knows, may be the guy promised to even buy her a private jet.

hahahah - see what people thing and more pics below;

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