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Worshiping God At Home Or In Church: Is There Any Difference? - Any Disadvantages?

The fuss of either worshiping God at home or in the church has been there from time immemorial and suffice to say, is not going away soon. Since today is Sunday, let discuss this topic in our own lay man's way or lets just focus on the simplicity rather than the complexity.

This matter has kept me wondering if going to church every Sundays is mandatory. Although serving God is a thing of the heart. If one decides to do his own service at home, is there any consequences?

Some of my friends hardly attend church but prefer doing their service in orphanage home where they use their tight and offerings to help the children. How do you see this attitude?  What is your take on this?

For my own cynical point of view, below are my thoughts;

1. location
2. worshipping at home tends to save money than going to church to add to the pastor's earnings
3. At home, you dont see fresh tempting laps like you will when you go to church
4. At home, you dont get seduced by big asses during praise..buh in the church, when its time to dance, you might get raped mentally by those asses.

And to be candid with you, what I have listed above is what actually take 80% of Christians to church. You can quote me anywhere. 

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