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Where Have TSTV Nigeria Gone? Is Now 18 Days After Launch?

Renowned sport analyst Biola Kazeem has taken to Twitter to express his thoughts on the inability of TSTV to commence operation 17 days after launching. He also chastized Nigerians on their gullibility and willingness to accept promises without questioning.

His tweets below....

If you want to understand why MMM cleaned out in Nigeria, just looked at how supposedly even educated people gobbled TSTV’s promises A company shows up, promises illogical things & when you ask normal questions, you are labelled an unpatriotic enemy & shouted down

All explanations as to how TV rights work met deaf ears. Supposedly educated people who should know better too jumped on the wagon. It is 17 days after launch, no decoder, no transmission & letters of disassociation from supposed channels partners are piling up. It is tragic that Nigerians are so gullible. So easily moved by promises too good to be true. So unquestioning & lacking curiosity.

Where in the world is premium cable content cheap? Where in the world is a luxury service deemed a commodity & sold at value prices? It is only in Nigeria that even educated people are convinced PREMIUM entertainment content should be cheap. HITV tried that model & failed

To disguise the mass foolishness of gobbling up promises without questions, DSTV is now said to be sabotaging TSTV. How so? No answer. How come DSTV did not sabotage StarTimes who are doing extremely well? Kwese who have done some solid work in rights acquisition. How?

Then came the “TSTV is our own.”How so? You have shares there? Your father has shares there? You will get a share of profits? How is it our own? Supposedly educated said TSTV will employ 5,000 Nigerians so we must support. The people in the DSTV ecosystem in Nigeria are who? Japanese

The people in the Startimes and Kwese ecosystem are from Nicaragua apparently. Only TSTV will employ Nigerians. Epidemic ignorance lives here. The cable TV category is powered by content you have acquired. It is not powered by faux patriotism, or tax breaks or anything else.

If TSTV are serious, they will invest money in acquiring the content people want to watch & not make false promises. No serious company “launches” and products remain inaccessible for over month. Logic will tell you something doesn’t add up.

But logic doesn’t live in Nigeria. Only ignorance. That’s why MMM took all your life savings. That’s why TSTV got tax break from FG That’s why people believed you can show content someone BOUGHT exclusively. That’s why you think DSTV is an enemy & TSTV is ours.

Till logic replaces ignorance even with supposedly educated people, there will be more MMMs preying on the mass idiocy of Nigerians. Selah

Editor's Note:

How much did they "competition" pay you Mr. Biola Kazeem? TSTV decoders are out and some are using it but their commercialization will start on 1st November, 2017. Why not wait till then before you dish out your assertions that nobody even seem to care about?

Yea they promised us and they didn't collect our money because same people like you will term them criminals. Let me tell you Mr. if you don't know; 

A product can be launched and it will take even 3 months for it to be available for purchase. Sometimes you can even pre-order the product. You are not a businessman anyway so I don't expect you to know all this but you should have at least done your research before labeling a company unprofessional or likening them to MMM which I wouldn't be surprised you lost your money in.


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