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#WhatDoWomenWant Trends On Twitter - Money, Sex Or Health - Nigerians Reacts

This questions has always been very hard to answer even from time immemorial and yet till today's age, people still struggle to answer the damn question. Men cannot fathom what female want at all and even female self can't specifically say it is this nor that.

Well, since yesterday, #WhatWomenWant has been trending on Twitter and you gonna wanna see what people thinks about the question. Trust Nigerians, they are already doing justice to the conundrum...

What do women really want? Even though the poll on Twitter between Money, Health Sex and Fun suggest that money is the key; such that Money = 67% while others shared the remaining percentage, it will also interest you to know that "Sex" as well as health carried only 9%, I think ladies only want 2 things - 1. Money 2. Docile man they can control the shit out of.

What are your thoughts from experience?

See tweets..

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