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UK Wife Cries Out After Discovering Wedding Photos Of His Hubby Married To Nigeria Woman

I talk am say Facebook only does more harm than good.. Just kidding anyway because I'm in no way condoning the actions of this man. A United Kingdom-based woman has been left in shock after discovering that her legally married husband got married to another woman in Nigeria.

A Nigerian man who left his legally married wife in the United Kingdom to get married to another woman in Akwa Ibom State has been slammed as a cheat, bigamist and love rat by the British wife. Shortly after the bigamist, Kufre Nse Ukpong, an indigene of Utu Edem Usung in Ikot Ekpene Local Government Area of the state got married to Idongesit Jacob Edem from Ediene in Abak Local Government Area on Saturday, October 28, 2017.

The UK wife, Gill Ukpong saw the whole photos on Facebook as one of the man's friends took to social media to congratulate them. Gill pointed out that she and Kufre were legally married and were not divorced at the time he came back to Nigeria to get married to another woman and that he and the new wife will surely regret as she would make sure they get jailed for bigamy.

A friend of the couple had posted their photos on Facebook and congratulated them on the success of the wedding:

"Happy married life to the latest couple in town, Mr. and Mrs. Kufre Ukpong. I wish you the best in your marriage." Shortly after that, the British wife who also has a Facebook account with the name Gill Ukpong fired a response to the post:

“That man is my husband!”

Editor's Note:

This white ladies and grannies no know say Nigerians only use them to obtain their visas and green cards? When will they ever receive sense? The prospect of marrying a black man go just blind their eyes.

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