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TSTV News: Don't Fail Us on November 1st, Nigerians Warn TSTV Management

TSTV is the tune in every Nigerian's mouth today because her citizens have come to accept that they will be the messiah that will save them from the exorbitant cost DSTV is apologetically charging for satellite services in the country.

They (TSTV) have had their own share of disappointments and they were schedules to lunch on July 1st, they didn't meet up and later shifted the lunch to October 1st. After they made the lunch on October 1st, Nigerians didn't believe they were going to wait a whole month to get their hands on the much awaited decoders after they annnounced they will commence the commercial distribution of the decoders by November 1st 2017.

Nigerians have however called on the new and trending pay television provider, TSTV not to fail Nigerians as it gets set to begin sales tomorrow. Nigerian have urged the newly launched satellite television provider, TSTV not to renege on its promise to begin sales of its decoders by November 1.

Many of whom took to various social media platforms to urge TSTV not to dash their hopes like it did on October 1, during its official launch. Nigerians had anticipated an immediate sale of the TSTV decoders following its formal launch but the TV provider however announced that sales would commence Nov. 1.

However the failure of TSTV to begins sales immediately coupled with an allegation that it was illegally claiming to have license to air some content belonging to bEIN seemed to have dampened the zeal of some Nigerians. But many other Nigerians who took to their twitter handles insisted that they were ready to go with TSTV all the way no matter the amount of channels it had.

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