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Tech: United Arab Emirate Police Unveils Flying Bike "Hoverbike" - Photos

Just few months ago, United Arab Emirate unveiled a new self driving drone which can carry more than two people to their destination. Note, this drones fly on aided. Now the UAE has also unveiled a flying bike which will be used to combat crime.

I think Dubai and UAE is officially the worst country a criminal will ever thing of perpetuating his/her crime. With the introduction for a flying motorbike, crime will surely be difficult to accomplish. 

A new video shows a Dubai police officer testing out the new hoverbike, which has rotors instead of wheels that allow it to fly. The hoverbike, capable of flying 16ft above ground, is seen tagged with Dubai police emblems as it is tested for the cameras.

With the hoverbike, police could get to the middle of traffic jams, which would be difficult with a normal car or even a motorbike. Dubai police hope that the hoverbike can help them get to crime scenes that would otherwise be hard to reach.

The flying bike can carry 47 stone in weight and fly for up to 25 minutes carrying its rider. It can rise up to just over 16ft in the air, and hit speeds of up to 43mph. An inbuilt safety mechanism limits the maximum speed and altitude of the aircraft in order to prevent accidents.

More pics below

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