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Startimes Social media Handler Triggers A Backlash As She Shades TSTV

They say when they lion fails to live up to his duties, it leaves the field day for the lesser animals in the forest. Who is Star Time self to put mouth were Satellite TV operators are talking? She has just elicited the frustration of Nigerians as she shaded TSTV.

The Twitter handler might just have triggered the anger of Nigerians, after she gave some unprofessional savage responses to customer’s questions on Social media. It all started when she announced that their handler, Oluwaseun will be taking in questions: 

“I am Oluwaseun (StarTimes Social Media Handler), feel free to ask me anything today. #STopenDay”

A user, Isaacogieva decided to ask why the management decided to remove a station from airing: “why did the management removed Get TV from the list of stations showing on star times.”..

…and the response was; 

“Bros, na only Get TV u dey watch for our platform?”

Another user declared: 

“Your subscribers are not here. They are busy watching Indian Soap.”.. and the handler replied: 

“Atleast they are busy doing something, what are you doing?”

A user, Emmanuel usoro queried; 

“Your video quality is not too good. What is the plan to improve on it”.. and the handler replied: 

Bros na antenna you dey use abi? Upgrade to dish”

Then the shade for TSTV came when a user asked: 

“Why can’t startimes give us Wifi like TSTV promised”.. and the response was: 

“We are a pay TV operator. We don’t run a cyber cafe nor make empty promises.”

Checkout tweets below...

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