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South African Police Kills Yet Another Nigerian Man During Raid In His House - Photos

Since Nigerian government has left her citizens to die without questionning or cautioning South African government, the killing of Nigerians in South Africa continues to generate heatted arguements online amongst its citizens.

South African police has killed another Nigerian student identified as Ibrahim Badmus at Vanderbijlpark triangle, according to multiple online reports. 

The young man's house was raided by the police operatives who reportedly handcuffed him and used excessive pepper spray on him before he passed out and died due to suffocation. He was accused of peddling hard drugs.

Policemen took over the area to control the tense situation. This incident occurred barely weeks after a Nigerian was reported dead at Springs Town near Johannesburg, one week after another was also killed in KwaZulu Natal province of South Africa.

Editor's Note:

Is it that we don't have a foreign affairs minister in Nigeria or is it that we don't have a diplomat in SA? Or is it because of their gross incompetent ass cannot do anything about this incessant killings that have continued to trail our people in SA?

I'm I suppose to assume that Buhari government is not hearing or seeing this kind of evil ravaging out people in SA? This is disheartening nonetheless and keeping quiet is the worst way to go about this. The FG should remember, the way you treat your citizens is the way they will be treated by alien governments. 

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