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"Sleeping With Another Woman While Married Is Not Cheating" - Actor IK Ogbonna

Handsome Nollywood actor, IK Ogbonna has a cynical but interesting opinion about married people who cheat. According to him, cheating really has nothing to do with sex but the devotion of your time and attention to someone who is not your spouse.

In his words;

"Cheating is not even having sex with a woman. That's one mistake people make. Cheating is when you find yourself developing feelings for someone" he said in an interview with Broadway TV. "If a man finds himself in a situation, sleeping with a woman for thirty minutes, then he is done and dusted and you move on with life.

"That ceases to exist the second it ended. You only just broke your marital vows. That's not cheating. You just broke your marital vows. Now cheating is when you start sharing the 100% of you with someone else. I am not talking about sex. I am talking about giving that person extra time."

IK Ogbonna who got married to Sonia Ogbonna in 2015 also said he has never cheated on his wife
"I don't see a reason why I should. For me, I looked for a woman that has everything I want. From beauty to brains, from companionship to friendship" he said. According to him, he is too busy to be cheating. IK Ogbonna is always on movie sets trying to fend for his family. If he is not on movie sets, he is with his family.

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