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Sexy & Curvy Model Whose Outfit At D’banj’s Tour Broke The Net Poses With Keke In Bikini

I can't actually say for certainty what girls of nowadays are smoking or drinking, because their attitude is really getting out of hand. Or is it that "manmaid queen just released this one from the kingdom of doom to come and kill those she can?

Her name is Symba and she had Nigerians stunned when she stepped out for a pool party at D'Banj show recently in a very racy bikini outfit, and she's still here hosting parties! Above is an image from her shoot on the streets of Lagos that had people gawking at her curves.

Is seems she is also the one that causes a little chaos in VI the other day when her photographer stopped cars on traffic to take photos of her in bikini.

Gini bu nkaa biko nu?

See more of her photos at D'banj's show here.....
See more of her photos when she stopped traffic at VI - Lagos here...

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