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Politics: Unclad Kenyan Woman (Raila Supporters) Protests In Nairobi Against IEBC Officials - Photos

Kenyans has been in the news recently in their controversial ways of life. In fact anything about Kenyans on social media this days is kind of absurd but as long as it gets the job done or gets the message across, then the end justifies the means.

The weekly anti-IEBC demonstrations held in several counties on Monday, October 9 were marked with drama and more drama. A female NASA supporter has shocked Kenyans after she decided to undress in the full glare of cameras during anti-IEBC demos in Nairobi on Monday October 9.

She was among hundreds of Opposition diehards who turned up for the weekly protests called by Opposition leaders. Two other supporters were knocked and ran over by a speeding vehicle as police officers battled the protesters.

They were chanting ant-IEBC slogans and waving placards calling for the exit of senior elections officers.

NASA demonstrators are known to excite the public with their antics from carrying extraordinary stones to rhythmically shouting Raila Odinga's name wherever he speaks and now, it seems they have been hit by the undressing frenzy.

In earlier protests, a woman was pictured undressing to her birthday suit eliciting a heated debate on social media platforms with her photo going viral on the internet.

More photos below.....

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