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Picture Of TSTV Decoder Surfaces Online - Checkout What Nigerians Are Saying About It

When I saw the replica of the decoder being unveiled on 1st October 2017, I thought my eyes were deceiving me and i told myself , "this is just a box for the unveiling" but loo and behold, it is really the exact replica of the decoder.

What was the designer thinking abeg? I have not seen such a decoder in my life. I mean, I have traveled everywhere hmm, not everywhere anyway but this right here is funny. Couldn't they come up with something that can fit the TV stand architecture than this box that looks like a refrigerator or like a food flask...lol

I white box in my house? I wonder how it will look...picturing. I sincerely hope this is just a dream and that they will come up with something sweet and sexy.

See what Nigerians have to say about the design of the decoder on Nairaland

Ah Nigerians get bad mouth ooo


Anonymous said...

All those comments you copied and paste on your site from Nairaland.com did u not know that u could have given credits to Nairaland?

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