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Peter Okoye Aka Mr P New Release "Cool It Down" Video Trending As No 1 On YouTube

He is going ahead ahead ahead guys and now his video is trending like wild fire on YouTube. Peter Okoye aka Mr P took to his Instagram page to share the good news as his recently released music video "cool it down", released yesterday 20th October is trends as number one on YouTube and his fans have been singing his praises.

See what he shared on his Instagram page...

"OMG! Thank guys for making Cool it Down the Number 1 trending song on YouTube ��Always believe in yourself����� Thanks so so much for the love and support ����������Let’s Cool it Down����������������� #MrP #coolitdown #KoolestDude DONT BE AFRAID TO START OVER. ITS A BRAND NEW OPPORTUNITY TO REBUILD WHAT YOU TRULY WANT.���� Be thankful, Be Positive and start your day Right.��� #CoolitDown #MrP #KoolestDude #BrandNewSingle #BrandNewMe #BrandNewVideo #BrandNewEverything #RebirthOfANewEra #TheRevolutionWillBeTelevised #Pclassic"

See video below...

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