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Letter To Glo Mobile: Why Is Your Internet Services Not Loading Many Important Websites?

Letter To Glo Mobile: Why Is Your Internet Services Not Loading Many Important Websites?

I can't over-emphasize the importance of solving this puzzling question that has been in the mind of all Glo customers in Nigeria. This issue has gone on for a long time and any responsible telecom outfit would have done something about it or at least issued a statement regarding the problem.

Is enough that Glo internet services is slow but this is frustrating. Well, one of the numerous frustrated Glo customers has voiced out his/her concern over the issue of Glo internet not opening major websites and pages and has requested for immediate response to this solution. This question was posted on Nairaland.com and because I have continued to experience this, hence I am re-posting it.

The post reads in full:

I am sure i am not the only one that have noticed glo internet has not been opening sevral web pages since earlier this year, before, the problem was that glo fails to load some pages on some sites, but now it has gotten worse, glo internet have stopped loading a lot of websites from the last five days, glo is not opening any blog under google's "blogger platform", popular blog sites and websites i use have stopped loading while using glo internet but when you use other networks or other internet providers those sites load as fast as possible. I am not the only one having this problem it is all glo users and glo has done nothing to stop it for almost 6days now..

Affected browsers are majorly: Google Chrome, Mozilla firefox, uc browser and every major web browser.. except operamini.. glo check this out and fix!!

I'm a blogger and i use google's blogspot, my visitors have decreased since the last 6days.. if you are a webmaters or blogger checkout what i am saying.. i think its time we all call them out on social media and force them to fix this..

With their large user base of internet users in Nigeria right now they shouldn't be messing up like this.. this is too much a big error.

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