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If A Woman "Cums" While Being Raped, It Is Then Unfair To Invite The Police - A Law Student

Yes I know rape is not something to be joked about but boy, do I think this Law student has a point? For someone to climax "cum" in the first place, he/she is enjoying the goddamn thing. This is the truth and nobody wants to hear it. 

A young Nigerian, Chukwuemeka Felix has said if he R@pes you and you cum, calling the police to get him arrested is unfair. Felix who has ‘Law and writer’ clearly written on his Twitter bio, added that it will be unfair to see your baby daddy in prison.

See his tweet below...

"If i R@pe you & you cum, it’s unfair to call the police on me cos you enjoyed it. I’m sure you won’t love to see your baby daddy in jail"

His tweet has sparked outrage online and the Nigerian guy who is said to be a law student, has been slammed for his statement.

Drop your thoughts on his assertion below...

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