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I Think Pastors Also Need Prayers, Here Is Why - Checkout This Photo

First of all, the devil goes to church more than the best christian in the world. And when the pastor is a handsome man, you can bet that she-devil will be the order of the day in the church. I think they need a lot of prayers.

The picture of a curvy woman at a church event has gone viral online with people urging Christians to always pray for their pastors.

A Facebook user who shared the picture of a pastor standing close to the lady revealed that the woman was the center of attraction at the event. He added that it is not easy being a pastor who is faced with this kind of “temptation” regularly.

Ah, I remember my Catechist at SS Anthony & Jude parish, if you are wearing this to the church, you are just sure that you won't cross the gate of the church let alone entering the church premises. Roman Catholic Churches is the best church in this world.

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