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“I Cannot Marry A Man Who Stays On The Mainland” - Young Lady Reveals

Akwa unu ahuna, gold diggers everywhere. I don't know what is wrong with ladies this days. Now is not only that they want a man that is Tall, Broad Shouldered, Handsome and Dark in complexion, now they can't move to a particular located if the man they wants to marry lives there.

Imagine this Nigerian lady who just revealed that she cannot marry a man who lives on the mainland, as she’d rather be single, than to move with him to the mainland. It’s not clear if she stays on the Island, But the self-acclaimed Big Girl has said, she’s not interested in dating anyone who stays on the Mainland, like, Yaba, Egbeda, Ikorodu.. etc.

Who even proposed to her self? Before I use to dismiss this kind of stupidity whenever I see one on net like they are simply looking for fame and likes and shares or what not but right now, I think this is actually what they are thinking.

In a tweet that has since gone viral on twitter, she said:

    “If marriage means moving to the mainland, I’d rather stay single. Thank you.”

Trust Nigerian, they have blasted her from left right and center.

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