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Ghanaian Blogger Flaunts Her "Foreign Curves" As She Encourages Other Ladies to Do the Same

Anita Matey

She is beautiful and she is encouraging other BBW's to flaunt their beauty once in a while and never be ashamed of anything. 

Meet Ghanaian beauty Anita Matey. Matey, who was born in Ghana but raised in New York, uses her blog, Foreign Curves, to stand for the true beauty in all women, accepting the love a women has for oneself, and most importantly, baby girl is fierce in her style! 
“Foreign Curves is my life, I realized that once you start loving yourself—every aspect, every roll, every stretch mark, every imperfection—you literally start living,” Matey says.

Matey came in for a photoshoot, bright and early for a Saturday, but happy as ever! Her positive vibes, huge warming smile and excitement to model some of her favorite looks, motivated us all to create great shots. 

We set the backdrop while she got her makeup done and put on a few looks. Once the camera clicked, she began to shine in front of the camera. She moved with ease for every look, so calm, cool, and confident and slayed every shot.

Anita Matey

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