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Crime: Young Girls Stabs And Kills His Boy Friend In Lagos State

Sometimes I really can't understand why is a crime against humanity in this part of the world to dump the ass of a girl that you are tired of. Must every relationship end up in marriage? Ladies am asking you!

Imagine this kind of touching story. A Nigerian guy, Seun with Facebook username "lifeoftomson seun" has being reportedly stabbed to death today at Gowon Estate, Egbeda in Lagos State by his girlfriend, Adesuwa, whom he wished a happy birthday just three days ago. 

The reason why his girlfriend stabbed him to death is yet to be reveal and am guessing he dumped her or "cheated" on her in quote. Friends And Families Has storm the deceased facebook page to pay tribute to him.

Lets take for instance he dumped her, is it now a crime to dump a lady? Lets take another instance, I would like to quote former Goodluck Jonathan's Aide, Reno Omokri "He can't cheat on you if you are not his wife". 

QED .... RIP to the dead sha..

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