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Celeb Biography: Top Afro Music Idol - Adewale Ayuba, Wife, Music Career, Awards & Songs

Before you mention 10 top Afro music idols in Nigeria, especially in the West, dominiated by the Yorubas, one will always mention the like of Adewale Ayuba. Popularly known as Ayuba, he was born May 6, 1966 in Ikenne Remo, Ogun State Nigeria. He is a Nigerian singer known for singing Fuji music. Ayuba is the last child of his parents

He has a Diploma in Finance accounting he acquired at the Queens Borough Community College, New York. He grew up as a child singer. By the age of eight, he started singing at Local Musical Competitions and fiestas in Ikenne. This led to his option for music as a career after his secondary school education at Remo, Secondary School, Sagamu, Ogun State.

Although he gained admission to read Architecture at the Ogun State Polytechnic, Abeokuta, his music career took center-stage and in a bid to curve a niche for himself, he made his first album IBERE (Beginning) at the age of 17. His rise on the Fuji Music scene was rapid. In early 1990, Ayuba was signed on by Sony Music (Nigerian) to record an album, Bubble. Bubble released in 1991, brought Ayuba into international prominence. 

For the first time in history, a Fuji Music album dominated the scene, topping musical charts for six consecutive months, winning multiple awards at the Nigerian Music Awards, (NMA). It bagged Ayuba the coveted Artiste of the Year Awards, Including the Album of the Year Award, Song of the Year Award and Best Fuji Album of the Year Award-four in all. It sold beyond expectations and made Ayuba a mega-star artiste. With the success of Bubble, it become obvious that Ayuba had hit the pinnacle of his career in Nigeria.

Ayuba writes all his songs and works hand in hand with his fifteen man-band in his music productions and stage performances. He grew up with his band in his musical career and success. He is the lead-singer of his band ‘Ayuba and The Bonsue Fuji Band’. His signature sound in his music is the Yoruba talking drum and sometimes the American percussion.

Adewale Ayuba

He is married with six children. Ayuba met his wife Azukaego Kwentoh at a cafeteria in Queens Borough Community College where he studied and they got married in 1989. Azukaego Kwentoh is from Onitsha-Oke, Anambra State, southeastern Nigeria.

Some of his top songs are as below...

    Bonsue T’ajode
    Happy Birthday Ikene Ereke
    Iwa Won
    Knock Knock
    Get Up and Pray
    Ase Olorun Ni (Tribute to Mko Abiola)
    I’m Still Singing
    Bonsuwe Fuji
    Bubble, Pt. 2
    Play for Me, Pt. 1
    Bubble, Pt. 1
    Play for Me, Pt. 2
    Acceleration Medley Part 1
    Acceleration Medley Part 2
    Acceleration Medley Part 3
    Adebale Special Medley
    Adewale Ayuba
    Adewale Na wonder Man Medley Part1
    Adewale Na wonder Man Medley Part2
    Adewale Na wonder Man Medley Part3
    Africa Has the Richest Music
    Alo Mi Alo

Merited Awards: - He won numerous awards which include:
  •  Two KORA Awards
  •  Afro America Music Awards
  •  HEN Foundation
  •  Key To The City Of Providence Rhode Island
  •  Fuji Music Lifetime Awards
  •  Nigerian Music Awards
  •  Nigerian Community Association, USA
  •  AMEN Awards
  •  CEPAN Awards
  •  The Headies
  •  New Koko Dome Honor
  •  CBS Platinum sales
  •  Floating World Honor
  •  Golden Sony Awards
  •  M. A. A. N.
  •  Learning and Culture Awards
  •  Arise and Shine
  •  WorldWide Superstar Awards
  •  Gathering Of Africa’s Best
  •  Osab Awards For Excellency
  •  City People Entertainment Awards
  •  Yoruba Music Films Awards
  •  The Ambassadors Club
  •  Podium International
Social Profile:
Adewale Ayuba on Twitter: @officialAyuba
Adewale Ayuba on Instagram: @officialayuba
Adewale Ayuba on Facebook: Adewale Ayuba

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