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Catholic Priest Murdered In Kenya After He Told President Uhuru To Stop Killing People - Graphic

The impunity and dictatorship style of leadership associated with African leaders is alarming and its taking a toll on us as well as almost sending the entire continent to stone age. An influential and popular Catholic priest in Kenya who confronted the incumbent president has been murdered. This is according to a story shared online.

The deceased who was found murdered and his vehicle burnt beyond recognition had two weeks ago told President Uhuru to stop killing innocent people. 

I really sympathize with my follow comrades in Kenya and will like to let you know that what you are going through is not only synonymous with your country. We are facing the same thing here in Nigeria. 

If you doubt it, read the recent happenings in Nigeria about Maina the Presidential Pension Task-force chairman. But I will assure you, together, we will root out evil in Africa as a whole.

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