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Car Theft Warning - Thieves Using New Device To Break In - Must See Video

Some people brag about how sophisticated their cars are and the fact that it can't be stolen. I must warn you ladies and gents, you maybe living in a fools paradise if you think that way.

Remember, sophistication carries its own disabilities and it is even more than a normally key cars. This days, its all about keyless entry or "thumbstart" cars but people fail to realize that the only thing a car-jacker needs to steal these cars is just the "key signal".

Admittedly, it may be difficult to steal some cars because of their numerous security sophistication, but make no mistake, it can actually be stolen. Just like car manufacturers upgrade their security sophistication, so as these criminals do.

Nonetheless, the video below is just to show you that anything is possible and for you to be careful about your surroundings so as not to fall a victim of these so called car-jackers.

See video below..

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