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As 1st November Draws Near, TSTV Commence Shipping Of Their Decoders Across The Nation

Now we are in business. TSTV have started shipping their decoders off to their registered dealers around the country as 1st November 2017 is fast approaching. Here is how they disclosed it to our dear citizens.
We at TStv wish to thank each and every one of you for you unalloyed support and patience so far. Even when it seems nothing was working, we have been behind closed doors working effortlessly to make sure the TStv decoders and dishes hit the market soon.

We happily wish to inform you that the long awaited TSTV decoders are being shipped across the country at the moment.

Please kindly note that the published distributors are not yet in possession of the decoders. Please, don’t start calling them on phone yet.

The TStv decoders will be out in the market and in your neighborhood on the 1st of November 2017.

More photos below:

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