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Actress Mimi Orjiekwe Calls Out Ex Hubby - "Charles Come & Take Your Bride Price"

Is amazing how something that promises heaven on earth and sweets even more than honey itself can turn sour overnight. No wonder Robert Greene said in "Art of Seduction" and I quote "the only time a man doesn't know what he is doing is when he is in love".

Nollywood Actress, Mimi Orjiekwe, has taken to social media to call out her baby daddy (ex husband) Charles Billion Pius, who she previously accused of infidelity. Recall, Mimi revealed that Charles Billion is expecting a son with his US-based lover and revealed he has two baby mamas..

Mimi and her estranged husband Charles Billion got married in 2015 but by the time she welcomed a child in April 2017, they were already estranged. Charles hardly acknowledged the birth of their baby and Mimi went on social media to blast him, saying he's just a sperm donor.

Now, she has taken to social media to call out Charles, to come with his people to come and collect the bride price he paid ..

She wrote;

Who ever knows Mr charles or his people .. send this msg ... Oga pls organize your people and come take your bride price .. we re done .. yes DONE ... this is the 3rd time you people are standing my uncles up..

with due respect come take this penny outta my life ..or you won't like the next step ... . Am calling you out here cos your full of deceit and lies ..

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